About Myrrha Reiki

Myrrha Reiki is a unique and natural healing method based on the blending of traditional Usui and Western techniques of reiki. Myrrha Reiki is developed by Japanese Reiki Master, Noriko Harada, to assist in the realisation, development and accomplishment of one’s life and spiritual journey. It focuses on dimensional transcendence – one of reiki’s original pillars that promotes creativity, as well as maintain one’s physical and emotional well-being.

Myrrha Reiki will guide you towards self accomplishment and development. Your development will begin when you are conscious about both your heart and body. 
Your ability to consciously feel energy combined with having a clear vision of who you are will help your spiritual development and encourage your own accomplishment.

There are many waves of Reiki energy. Most commonly Reiki can be useful to treat sickness or injuries by strengthening your own natural healing power. 
Reiki Attunement will make us to be able to improve our physical condition.
Noriko has been using Reiki healing to her family and It helps them get better in addition to medical treatments.

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Everyone has the ability to support life.
Our worries are not actually caused by the problem, often we feel stuck as we cannot figure out what to do. If we clearly know our will and aim, we will take an action to move to the right direction.
Myrrha Reiki will highlight your inner world to help to chose important things in your life.I believe you can find the ability to make yourself happier.

Translated by Noriko’s family.

Reiki session is available by appointment.

Rate¥10,000(60min Session + 30min Reading)
HealerNoriko Harada Mrs

Usui Reiki Healing. Myrrha method  /  Certified Reiki master and teacher  / Japanese & Basic English.

SpecialHealing in Niseko is available + ¥15,000
Reiki Attunement stage 1 available.(in Japanese)¥35,000 (in Sapporo)
¥50,000 (in Niseko)

Reiki Healer / Master

Noriko Harada